Timebet adds a layer of excitement to any football match by allowing customers to spontaneously bet on goals, corners, cards, free-kicks or penalties in a pre-determined time frame.

Timebet attracts a new player profile, clients who enjoy football, who are loyal to their team but who also enjoy chance betting. Timebet is an easy acquisition tool for players with an interest in sports who have a casino profile enabling an easy cross-sell.

It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s fun with up to 5 running bets at once!

Timebet is super simple to play:

» Punter picks a match to bet on
» Player moves the green dial to the amount they want to bet and presses the button
» The countdown starts while the player attentively watches to see if their bet is a winner


» In-play Betting
» Unlimited Bets per match
» Any leagues
» 5 Bet Options based on Time


» Game setting
» Branding
» Risk settings